Live Better Every Day.

Hello all and welcome to 2019/20 Earth + Me Blog agenda.

We are very happy that you are spending your time here and hope you will join us on a journey towards living more sustainably.

The goal is to live better every day no matter how small the step.

Over the next year we want to address lots of issues, from global to everyday and discover new ways of seeing the world from different perspectives and to give us the knowledge, the tools with which to live well and live happy.


At least once a month Earth + Me will be working with a series of guest writers to explore the ways and challenges of the world and how we can best tackle them with everyday solutions.

Some of the topics and areas we have lined up that we want to look at:


Mind, Body, Soul

Home living

City life

Brands we love


The first edition will be up next week coming to you from Wyevale Garden Centres who will be starting us off gently, looking at sustainable gardening and what simple changes we can make to turn our gardens into beautiful sustainable habitats.

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Thanks again for spending your time here and we look forward to seeing you again.