Brands we love

We have high standards, both in how a product is made and how it performs.

We get excited when we find a company that delivers and are proud to present them to you below.


If you love a brand to the same standards and want to see it on our site let us know and we will check them out. 52 2019.jpg


A young start-up focused on optimal nutrition.

The team at HOP are launching there first natural protein bar made with cricket flour in 2019. Keen to spread the word about the exceptional nutritional properties of crickets and delivered in a tasty bar with a range of flavours to come.

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Home compostable, Nespresso compatible coffee capsules.

Halo were the first company in the world to create fully compostable coffee capsules. We fully resonate with their mantra of ‘ the world’s best coffees, in a way that’s best for the world’ and are excited by everything they are doing. They are strict on their ‘no compromise’ approach and we hope to be working with them in the coming months.



A social enterprise trading reusable water bottles for Waterfall Charity.

Jerry Bottle want to bring water to those that don’t have it by making it more special to those that do. Jerry gives water the beautiful package it deserves and are encouraging people and organisations to enjoy a healthy water habit while campaigning against single use plastic bottle pollution.

We salute their efforts and are completely behind their cause and are excited to be working with them in the near future.