We have a responsibility towards our environment.

Continually assessing our actions and purchases can be exhausting and often tricky to fit within a modern lifestyle. Currently sustainability is seen as a lifestyle compromise rather than a desirable choice.


Wouldn't it be better to effortlessly trust your favourite brands?


Wouldn’t it be better if they were as responsible as you are?  


This need sparked the idea for Earth + Me: an opportunity for us all to embrace a sustainable lifestyle without compromising quality.

Earth + Me is here to facilitate and provide you the means to live well for the future. Delivering quality goods to solve everyday challenges, carefully selected from responsible sources.

Our founder, Chris,  is a successful product designer who began to tire of designing products for companies unwilling to take responsibility for their environmental impact.

In 2016, he set out to create something different – Earth + Me, a new company that would not only solve problems through design, but inspire people to live more sustainably, to be the solution and to live better everyday.

Since discovering the potential of edible insects in tackling global environmental challenges, he has never looked back in making sustainable living more desirable.


Today, he and the growing Earth + Me family are focused on inspiring people to join the revolution and work towards a sustainable future in which we all can thrive, one day at a time.