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Earth & Me is a design-led company forged from the growing need for global sustainability and the consumer need for convenience; placing a spotlight on the intrinsic and vital relationship between us, as individuals and the environment we live in. A company that looks to tackle global challenges with innovative, everyday solutions that present our customers with desirable lifestyle choices across multiple product sectors, ranging from furniture to fashion to food.

Our aim is to allow you, our customers to make active choices effortlessly through the products and experiences we deliver. We want to give you the means to be part of real momentum towards the mission of global sustainability while maintaining and enhancing your quality of life.


Our current attention is on the global environmental impact of the traditional livestock industry and how we can design and create a range of products that allows us all to challenge the norm and be part of a larger solution. At Earth & Me we are not against eating meat but we understand and can identify that there is a real problem within the intensive system and overall scale of production.

Therefore the first focus for us is on providing delicious, natural and quality food using various sustainably sourced ingredients but most importantly, sustainably sourced Protein.

Find out more about why we are very excited with our choice of sustainable protein and in our eyes one of the best sources of high quality natural protein in the world, Cricket Flour.

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